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Water Testing

Annual Tests

To protect those who drink your water, you should test annually for:

  • Total Coliform Bacteria (to ensure bacteriologically safe water)
  • Nitrate Nitrogen (to prevent blue-baby disease)

Other Tests

In addition,  you may want to check other water qualities:
  • Total Dissolved Solids (high TDS may indicate objectionable levels of dissolved minerals)
  • Hardness (can ruin water heater elements, make laundry difficult)
  • Iron (metallic taste, stains clothes and fixtures)
  • pH (may be corrosive if out of range)
  • Lead (if house was built before 1991 and has metal plumbing)

How to Test

To test your water:

  1. Get the right sample container: Pick one up at one of our locations

  2. Follow the sampling instructions

  3. Drop off your sample at one of our locations

  4. Your Water Analysis Report can be emailed or mailed to you

  5. A sample card will be filled out when you deliver your sample to us.
Pure-Test has water sample dropoff locations in Ephrata, Brownstown, Reading, Quarryville, Myerstown, and Cleona. The Pure-Test Laboratory is located in Myerstown, where all testing is performed.
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