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Water Websites

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

US Environmental Protection Agency

Centers For Disease Control

Publications about Water

What do the Numbers Mean? A Comprehensive Guide to Water Tests and Contaminants

Shock Chlorination of Wells & Springs

Water Testing: A Brief Summary of Elements to be tested

Water Softeners: An Explanation of their function

Nitrates in Drinking Water: Facts and Solutions

Revised Total Coliform Rule Site Sampling Plan

Magnetic Water Treatment Devices (ScaleBan Etc.)

Lead in Drinking Water

Iron and Manganese in Private Water Systems

Hydrogen Sulfide (Rotten Egg Odor)

How to Interpret  a Water Analysis Report: A short summary

Home Water Treatment: A Brief Commentary

Home Water Testing from USEPA


Drinking Water Standards: Details from the USEPA

Coliform Bacteria

Well Water Testing: Centers for Disease Control

Bottled Water Facts

Bacteria in your water

Home Water Testing

PSU Guide to Private Water Systems in Pennsylvania

PSU Best Management Practices For Private Water Systems

PSU Private Water System Management Brochure

PSU Water Usage Information

Pure-Test has water sample dropoff locations in Ephrata, Brownstown, Reading, Quarryville, Myerstown, and Cleona. The Pure-Test Laboratory is located in Myerstown, where all testing is performed.
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